Laserfire Creations
6” Walnut Universal Display Base
for Federation Ships
Perfect for a wide variety of Federation vessels in a number
of different scales!
Base is CNC machined from solid walnut and topped with a laser engraved, plastic plaque with a metallic finish. Plaque is available in both brushed gold and brushed silver finishes.
Protective felt pad for the bottom is also included.
The center of the base is marked to allow you to drill a hole sized
for your particular support post diameter.

Base can be purchased either fully assembled and lacquer finished, or in unassembled and unfinished kit form.

Ship name or other words may be substituted for a line of text, if desired. Enter name into customization field, text will scroll to allow longer name.

Further customization of graphics available for an extra charge. Please do not use the PayPal button, but contact us for a quote.
Approximate fabrication time: 2-3 weeks.
$47 / $57 USD
Includes USPS Priority shipping
Outside U.S. please contact us for shipping price
Customized Ship Name
An example of a plaque made from the brushed silver material
Metallic silver acrylic Enterprise plaque