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Acrylic Window Inserts Kit
bridge arboretum rec deck hull saucer rim fantail refit window inserts refit inserts kit
These inserts are intended to replace the ill-fitting,
kit-supplied styrene inserts, and as an alternative to
filling the windows with clear resin, or other materials,
thus avoiding the potential for air bubbles.
The inserts are made from laser-cut 1/8” cast acrylic (Plexiglas),
are crystal clear once polished, and will not yellow over time.

Inserts are pressed into the window openings from the outside,
glued into place, then sanded flush with the hull.
They can then be polished to a crystal clear finish,
or left frosted for light diffusion.
NOTE: Elbow grease required! Because the inserts are cut from
flat material, they will need to be sanded and shaped to match
the shape of the ship's hull. This will be relatively easy with the smaller inserts, but the larger inserts (i.e. VIP lounge) will require more work. However, the results will be well worth the effort!
$41 USD
Includes USPS Priority shipping
Outside U.S. please contact us for shipping price
Each kit includes inserts for:
BC DECKS: Round and oblong windows, VIP lounge.
SAUCER RIM: Round and oblong windows, Rec Deck.
SAUCER BOTTOM: Round windows
DORSAL (NECK): Round inserts
SECONDARY HULL: Round, oblong & eliptical windows, Arboretum
FANTAIL: Large, medium, & small oblong windows, in RED acrylic
Installation instructions/tips included.

Instructions & parts list also available HERE