Laserfire Creations
Hollow Display Base
with Backlit Engraved Acrylic Top
hollow model display base with backlit engraved acrylic top hollow model display base with backlit engraved acrylic top large hollow display base hollow display base
Our hollow display base is the ideal solution to show off your large showpiece models, while giving you a place to secure your wiring and electronics. The default box structure is constructed from precision CNC cut ½” Baltic Birch plywood. The wood
is sealed, sanded smooth, and painted satin black.
The backlit display top is ¼” cast acrylic, painted black on the back side, then laser engraved with the graphic of your choice. Translucent colored acrylic is attached to the back of the display to provide different color effects.
The front control panel is made from a special, 2-layer, 1/16" plastic in order to provide easy installation of panel mount buttons and switches. We supply a “main power” rocker switch that can switch both your model and the base lighting on and off simultaneously. Specify the number of switches and hole size required, and we will create the holes in the front panel with the appropriate illuminated wording above or below. We will also cut a support rod hole in the top, located and sized to your specifications. We can not supply the rod, however, as every model build will have different requirements. Rubber feet will be mounted on the bottom to protect your furniture.
Inside the base we include a special fixture to accommodate the support rod for your model, which holds the rod secure while allowing wires to pass through into the base. The interior is painted white for optimum light dispersion, and we install the necessary high brightness LED lighting to illuminate the graphics. A 2.1mm DC power jack for your power supply will be installed in the back panel.

Most modelers will want to use one power supply for both the base and their model. Because it’s impossible for us to predict the power requirements of your model, we do not include a power supply. Therefore, you will need to purchase a power supply with the appropriate voltage and current ratings to operate both the model and the base. The LED lighting inside the base will operate with voltages between 9 and 12 volts. Current requirements will vary depending upon the size of the base and the number of LEDs installed to illuminate it. We will provide specifications for your base when it is complete. As an example, the standard 10.5” x 15.5” base requires approximately 800mA at 12 volts. If your model requires 1 amp of current, then you will need a power supply that can provide
a bare minimum of 2 amps of current.

As a general rule, here at Laserfire Creations, everything is customizable. From size and construction materials, to switch configurations and graphics, we can make a base to fit your needs.
If you require more elaborate multi-color graphics, a combination of engraving and printable backlight film can be used. If you would prefer your base be made from an exotic hardwood, rather than painted plywood, that can be accomplished as well. Just let us know your specifications, and we’ll be happy to work with you in order to bring your vision to fruition.
Every base is unique. Pricing is specific to each base depending on its particular size and configuration. However, as a rough example, our 10.5” x 15.5” x 3” base with backlit graphics is $325. Contact us with your particular requirements and we’ll be happy to give you a price quote.

TOS Enterprise hollow base unlit TOS Enterprise hollow base lit