Laserfire Creations
Diffusion Disk for Polar Lights 1/350
Refit/A Enterprise Deflector
Deflector Diffusion Disc diffusion disc diffusion disc amber light blue deflector dish with diffuser
Diffusion disk for 1/350 Polar Lights Refit/A Enterprise.
The easiest way to minimize annoying LED hot spots and
create an effect very similar to what's seen in the movies.
(Center spot is much more visible to the camera lens than
to the naked eye; the actual effect is complete diffusion)

Disk is made from a specially coated 1/8" acrylic that's
designed to diffuse light in backlighting applications.

It measures 1-3/8" in diameter, and installs by simply dropping it
into place inside the deflector housing and tacking it down with CA.
$5.00 USD
Includes USPS Priority shipping
Outside U.S. please contact us for shipping price
Please note: Disks may be shipped with protective paper still attached. Please be sure to check both sides and remove any paper before installing.